Sunday, August 10, 2008


Aug 8, 2008
Today was the third century in a row -- New Hampton to Fennimore, WI. The scenery changed quite a lot as we went from flatlands to hills and curvy roads. For the first 20 miles we rode on probably the worst road yet, very rough. A little later we had a decent road with a narrow shoulder that was rideable except the DOT was putting down gravel along that stretch of highway. Don Brunsting hit one of the patches of gravel and went down, breaking his collar bone. Another rider out. Why is it that the DOT was putting down gravel on that stretch of road when they had been informed that 150 cyclist would be using it that day? I rode pretty hard so that I could have some time to visit with my brother, Scott. He met me at Marquette and we had lunch and then went up to Pikes Peak (the one in Iowa) and took some pictures.

Pikes Peak overlooks the Mississippi and the state of Wisconsin, which I would soon be riding through. Scott dropped me back off at Marquette and I headed for Wisconsin. After crossing the Mississippi twice (there’s two channels here) I spent a little time at the visitor’s center and then rode on toward Fennimore. It is beautiful countryside and one big climb out of the river valley. After reaching camp, I set up the tent and about that time my folks showed up to check out the camp and take me out for supper. We had a great visit and then the folks drove down to Dubuque to stay at a bed and breakfast.

Miles traveled 2725

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