Saturday, August 9, 2008

New hampton

Aug 7, 2008
It was to be another long day at 112 miles. I think for most of the riders it was a little more difficult than the day before, as we had almost no tailwinds. The temp did cooperate though and so it was a nice day to travel through Iowa. I’m calling today windmill day as we saw lots and lots of power generating windmills in several different locations along the route.

I knew we would see several but I didn’t realize how many. At times we were close enough to hear the swoosh of the blades. I think they are very pretty as they stately spin and it certainly has to be much more environmentally friendly than burning coal or oil. This leg of the trip puts me the closest to home on the tour. As I crossed I-35 I had to take a picture to the south; the sign said 106 miles. About 30 miles later we were on highway 14 briefly -- 14 goes very near to home, and for a bit I thought about turning for home. I guess I’ll be there soon enough as we have only a little more than 3 weeks to go, hard to believe sometimes. Tonight we are at New Hartford, IA. Tomorrow is another 100 mile day -- this time with hills thrown in to keep us honest. The scenery for the last several days has been corn and beans with, for the most part, picturesque farmsteads and small towns.


CalvinGirl said...
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CalvinGirl said...

I've seen the windmills near San Francisco. They're interesting, but downright scary up close! I"m looking forward to seeing you next weekend in GR (I hope). I'll be traveling up after lunch. :) My prayers are with you! ~Blessings!