Sunday, August 10, 2008

Madison WI

Aug 9, 2008
On to Madison. It was a relatively short day to Madison, but we weren’t supposed to arrive till 2:30, so that we could make a mass arrival at camp for the media. We travelled highway 18 from Fennimore and it was a nice ride. We went past more windmills; not only are they pretty but they were telling us that we had a nice tailwind. At Dodgeville, we took a slight detour to see if the Don Q Inn was still standing along with the KC-97 tanker (big old 4 engine plane) that stands outside. This is a special place for me since Brenda and I went here on our honeymoon 27 years ago and have been back a few times since. From Dodgeville we took the Military Ridge bike path for several miles. The bike path was a welcome change from the highway even if it was a little rough and slick in spots. A whole bunch of us stopped at Culvers on the outskirts of Madison to have lunch and kill a little time. We arrived at the designated park for the mass entrance to camp. I’m not much for pomp and circumstance, but it was kind of fun riding en mass to Crossroads CRC, our camp spot for the weekend. After setting up the tent I was able to unwind a bit, it’s been a long but wonderful week.

Miles actually travelled 2900

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