Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GR and beyond

Aug 17, 2008
Sunday, a day for rest and renewal. I slept in a little at Clarence and Irene’s. After breakfast I went with them to Plymouth Heights CRC. Bob and Lisa Brouwer, who attend there when not on the bike tour, and Ad De Blaeij were also there. Bob gave a short presentation on the Sea to Sea tour during the service. After lunch we were bused to Fifth Third Stadium for the celebration rally. For the opening procession the bikers lined up along the first and third baselines -- the lines went pretty well to each outfield wall. Shane Clairborn was the speaker; he is the author of "Jesus Christ for President."
While waiting for the service to get started, Dan N found me and we were able to do a little catch up. Dan and Carol were our across-the-street-neighbors, before Dan took over as school principal out here in Michigan. We were bused back to Calvin for supper and Peloton meeting. Before the meeting Lynn V told me that she was going to pack up her very sore knee and catch a ride back home. The pastor from her home church was here to drop his daughter off at college and had come to the celebration rally with his van. So it was providential that he was here, but we lose another good rider to injury. Sorry, Lynn!

Aug 18, 2008
Uncle Clarence dropped me off at Calvin about 6:30, along with all my stuff. When I went to put my gear on the truck I found this great big box of goodies from Ken and Beth and company -- Thanks! I had breakfast and got the bike ready to go. Then we sat around for an hour waiting for the send off, which was thankfully brief. Maybe you can tell, I’m not much into pomp and circumstance. Today was the start for about 60 new cyclists, so some ceremony was probably appropriate. The newbies had a very easy first day compared to the ones who started in Denver; it was as flat (as leaving Denver) but it was much cooler with a really nice tailwind and plenty of shade. We stopped for coffee at McDonalds with some of Doug’s fellow employees. It is very nice farm land with lots of pretty red barns & nice farmsteads.

The crops out here in Michigan, however, are looking a little ragged and in need of some rain. We understand that it has been pretty dry here. Even with a few stops we arrived at camp by 2:00pm. We are staying at Sleepy Hollow State Park. Ryan B was just telling me that the park gets its name because the park land was donated by a fellow named I.B. Crane. It is a camp ground with lots of shade and grassy level spots to pitch a tent.

One of my recumbent bike friends, John F, showed up to visit camp. He lives not far away and rode his Baron over. It was nice to see another lowracer in camp. At peloton Lois Craven announced that she, too, was leaving the tour; she has had 3 incidents on the tour, the last being last week when she was hit by the mirror of an aggressive driver. She wasn’t seriously injured, but enough is enough. Another good rider gone.
Trip total 3375 today 70

Aug 19, 2008
Well the newbies got a proper break-in today. It was a fairly long ride at 95 miles and we had a stiff headwind. The temps were nice though, in the low 70’s. My friend Don S met me at about the 20 mile mark and rode the rest of the way with me. He had his beautiful NoCom Lowracer and it drew lots of attention. It is an all carbon fiber bike, custom made in Poland. It was really fun riding that distance with another lowracer. For those of you who think my bike is low, I sit almost a full head height taller than Don. Despite the headwind and a few stops we were at camp by 2 or so. Camp tonight is at Richmond HS in Michigan; tomorrow we cross into Canada.
Trip total 3473, today 98

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