Friday, August 22, 2008


Aug. 20, 2008
Today we leave the US and enter Canada. After rolling up our very wet tents (heavy dew) in quite frigid temps (40’s) we made the short trip to the border town of Marine City where we all waited in mass to get on the ferry. Once we were all assembled we got on the ferry -- it actually took several ferry rides to get everyone across the St Clair River. Once on the other side we all had to stand in line to get through customs, but it all went quite smoothly. The Canadians lived up to their billing as they had a large crowd on hand, and of course lots of food. After enjoying the greeting party we rode on to Chatham, Ontario. The route was very flat, first along the St Clair river and then through farm country. On the way we passed several beautifully restored old houses. There was apparently one bike accident when a rider who was riding with us for the day had a carbon fork failure and went down hard on the pavement. At this point I haven’t heard how serious his injuries are.

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