Tuesday, July 29, 2008


July 27,2008
Sunday was a nice quiet day for the most part. Brenda, the kids and I stayed at a motel that was about 20 minutes away from camp. We went to the celebration service, which was held in another high school stadium, about 2 miles from camp. There were quite a few different agencies set up in tents or booths in the infield -- these were all agencies that have programs which, in some way, help out those in need. The celebration service was quite large and well attended. It was also a wonderful worship service. The only negative was that it was very hot sitting out on aluminum bleachers. Sunday evening Brenda and I went to visit old friends, Milt and Mary Lanser. They are currently living at Joshua Station as live-in volunteers. Joshua Station is an old renovated hotel that is used to help families that are really struggling have a place of their own to live. Most of those living there would be living on the street or moving from shelter to shelter if it wasn’t for Joshua Station. Milt and Mary had to fix up the room themselves at their own expense, and they pay rent just like all the rest of the tenants. I may be riding to raise awareness for poverty issues, but Milt and Mary are working right there with those in need -- please include them specifically in your prayers. It was a wonderful visit.

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