Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fort Morgan

July 28, 2008
Early in the morning I said goodbye to the kids, and Brenda drove me back to camp. After breakfast and saying goodbye to Brenda, we headed out for Fort Morgan, CO. The first 20 miles was mostly on the Platte River Bike Trail through Denver. The trail was a little narrow, but was a nice relief from busy city streets. Once out of the city we were back on highways and even on I-76 for several miles. It wasn’t bad traveling as we had a wide and pretty clean shoulder almost the whole way. As for scenery, mostly just dry flat eastern Colorado landscape. It was a long ride, as we covered about 90 miles. We also suffered another accident on the tour -- Cynthia Aukema crashed her bike and ended up with a cracked pelvis; another good biker out with injuries. Our hearts and prayers go out to Cynthia.

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