Sunday, September 14, 2008

more thoughts on Sea to Sea

House in Marine City Mi

crossing the bridge to the US at Niagra

T-33 at Sampson st Park NY

September 14, 2008

Well it’s been a couple weeks since we finished the tour, and I still think about it every day. This morning (Sunday) I called Doug and Joy and got pretty much the same response from them. It was kind of funny because Doug and I were both going through Sea to Sea blogs before I called and noted that not many have been update since our return to “civilization”. Most of us have gone back to work or school or ?.
I don’t know how many are still riding regularly or at all. I have been riding somewhat regularly and even got in a time trial last Thursday. Yesterday I got in a 60 mile ride with Friend Ron Z. It was really nice to get out on the open road for some decent distance. It was also a reminder that time marches on. The route we took was through the small town of Attica, which as some of you may remember was hit by a tornado early, this summer. You may remember from one of my early blog entries the pictures I took of the piles of debris there. I’m glad to report that most has been cleaned up, but there is still some rebuilding to do.
Anyway I feel that I didn’t really end my blog properly or get updated pictures in place. I also think a lot of my fellow Sea to Sea participants are in the same boat. So my solution is to try and keep updating the blog and not try and end it in one fell swoop. One thing that people keep saying is “I can’t believe you pedaled a bike all the way across North America, I could never do that”. I think every one of the cyclists would say, Yes you could, one pedal stroke at a time. You might need a little help along the way, such as a sag ride, or a push, or maybe even walk that really big hill, but you could do it. I think that mentality of a “Job to big” is in us all, but if we can just say a prayer and do that first pedal stroke, then the first day gets done, the first state or province is covered, and all of a sudden you’ve covered a whole continent. I think I knew that before, but now I understand it much better. I also understand much better that the prayers of the people do make a difference. The whole tour was bathed in prayer and yes we had some injured folks but nothing life threatening. And I personally didn’t have so much as a sniffle the whole time. I really felt protected. I feel that the tour was a big success and will continue to be, as those that were involved and those we touched will look and react in positive ways for those who are stuck in the cycle of poverty.
That’s enough for know I’ve been trying to write these last few paragraphs on and off about all day. I’ll continue more later.

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Art said...

Hey Rick,

I started typing something else into the address bar of firefox, and it "helpfully" was trying to help me complete the word, and popped up your blog... So I came here and checked in once more.

Yeah, it has been weird being done with the tour -- and I was "only" there for two weeks! I can't imagine how hard it would be for you folks who spent 9 weeks building this community.

Well, actually I can a little bit. Every summer we go to a Christian camp north of Kingston -- -- and about 2/3 of the people keep coming back every year. So over the years we've built some community up. But still... every year we get there and have an intense week of fun and fellowship, and then at the end of it... you leave. It's always a bit of an empty feeling.
And I think the same happened here with sea-to-sea, but only more.

Regardless, it was nice getting to meet you, even just a little bit. Thanks for letting me try out your 'bent that time. I don't have the means to run out and buy one right now, but I find myself thinking that if I do this tour again, I'd want a better bike. After talking to you I am now looking at the Bacchetta's also. There's a dealer in Toronto, which is 2hrs away, unfortunately, so it is hard to try one.

And I'd better wrap it up.

Art Mulder