Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sioux Center

August 5, 2008
It was a nice ride from Sergeant Bluff to Sioux Center. It was hillier than many thought it would be; not nasty hills -- more like fun rollers. We stopped at Ireton. The church there turned out to welcome us with strawberry smoothies and root beer floats. It was a nice treat. We reached Sioux Center just before noon and were welcomed at Dordt College, where we get to stay in some nice --not next to the railroad tracks-- dorm rooms. With great e-mail access, I might add. One of the first people to greet me on campus was Dale Z, an old friend. He is going to be working at Dordt and was going through orientation. I called my cousin, Jan Buyert on the spur of the moment and true to form he ran right over and picked me up to have lunch with the family. We had pizza for supper, supplied by Pizza Ranch, a real treat. Dordt hosted a celebration rally after supper and it was well attended by the locals. All in all it was a very nice stay in Sioux Center. Sleeping on a bed in a quiet dorm was especially nice.


CalvinGirl said...

Glad things are continuing to go well for you... and that you are safe! I hope Calvin gives you as warm a welcome as Dordt! :) I'm partial of course... :) Hopefully I"ll see you soon! ~Ruth

Art said...

Rick, enjoying your blog. I just found a close up photo of you on flickr - from Jonothan Stoner, and I'm amazed at how narrow your handlebars are. Doesn't that pull at your shoulder muscles, since you have to hold your hands in? I've always kept my hands about shoulder width.

I owned a homebuilt recumbent back in '95 for a number of years, so I'm interested to hear your thoughts on riding a tour like this on a recumbent. How heavy is your bike? How do you find it for climbing hills? (that is what I hated on my old recumbent) and how about comfort on a long trip?

Art Mulder, London
(Joining in GR)

Cal Meuzelaar said...

Great blog. Since the group prayed for me after my accident, which I greatly appreciated, I thought you should know Mary and I are returning to Wyoming to the site of the accident. I'm cleared by my physician to resume the ride next week Friday, August 15. Now it's your turn to lead the way.

Rick said...

Hi Ruth ! Sounds like Calvin has got something big planned. It will be good to see that big smile of yours.
Art My bike weighs about 27 lbs, and is very comfortable. It isn't quite as fast going up long hills, but makes up for it on anything else.
Cal Alright buddy! let me know how it goes
I'm writing these on aug 9th as I haven't had internet access since the 6th.