Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nearing the end

Aug 27, 2008

Today we rolled out of bed to a nice dry tent as opposed to yesterday when the dew was really wet. My legs seemed pretty tired at first but they came around in time to do quite a bit of climbing on the day. The scenery was very pleasant and it has changed to more trees and hills. We made a pretty big climb off route to see the Tougannock Falls. At 215 feet tall they are the tallest falls in the eastern US. The Falls were pretty but a bit disappointing as there was very little water coming over them. We then traveled through the city if Ithica NY. Even before leaving Ithica we started the major climb of the day. It reminded many of the climb out of Salt lake City. Not quite as steep or long or hot, It was very steep for a block or so (steep enough that I had trouble with slipping my front wheel drive ) then tapered of a bit into a steady climb. We had more climbs, but that was the biggest. There were a couple church stops along the way and lots of little signs and people along the route. Right across from the School we are staying at is Valley CRC and they had a stop for us. They also fed us supper tonight. They served us a local specialty called Spiedies , They consisted of marinated grilled chicken or ham on Italian bread. We also had salt potatoes, beans and pasta salad along with desert. With a lot of things going on and unknown Internet access , today will probably be the last post I make before the end of the trip. We have 3 days to go. It has certainly been quite a trip, hard to believe we’ve come clear across the country a day at a time. Since the job of riding is not yet done, and the job of doing what we can to alleviate poverty will be ongoing I will be posting more later.

Total miles 3985 today 78

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you've finished, well done!