Thursday, July 17, 2008


July 17, 2008
We were up early because it was a long day (85 miles) and supposed to be hot, and it was both. We started a mild climb almost right away then it got pretty steep then a nice downhill to Albion, ID, where we stopped for coffee. Then an even bigger climb followed by another nice downhill. Then we were in the high plains -- quite flat with mountains in the distance all around. That’s when it got hot and we had a head wind besides. A long pace line helped but for a lot of the riders it was a very long day. One of the riders, Arnie Issette, popped his achilles tendon when he started back out again after stopping at the sag near the top of the second climb. That’s really our first serious injury. The road in the high planes was decent but seemed to go on forever with absolutely no shade. We did cross into Utah on the way. The last couple hours the temp on the pavement was just plain hot. We did see a few mule deer and some live jack rabbits but mostly just endless desert. The town we are in is Snowville, UT, population 177. We are staying in a park that thankfully has lots of shade but only one shower, so it’s a bucket bath tonight. There is a little cafĂ© right next to us that had great apple pie, not as good as mom’s but close.

Joy kisses the downhill sign -- a break from climbing!

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