Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I'm sending this from the library in Baker, OR. We had a great ride this morning through old west cattle country with the blue mountains on one side and the Eagle mountains on the other. We had a pretty quick trip, as we started before 7am and arrived at noon. We had a few stops along the way and had a very nice conversation with a local rancher who explain the countryside and local commerce. The day before we had a big climb from Pendleton OR to La Grande OR. It was our first experience with climbing via a switch back road. The view was spectactular. It was also our travel on the side of the interstate. We rode along I84 for about 8 miles, not nearly as nice as the open country roads we've been traveling. I can't attach pictures here at the libary, so I'll try and get them attached later.


Anonymous said...

Rick: thanks for keeping us updated. Received an email from Gladys Nieuwsma today - always nice to hear from friends in the Pella area. Your cousin Matt is married to my wife's niece Kim. I failed to mention that when we spoke in Seattle. Thanks for all your efforts!

Al Vander Hart

Art said...

Rick, what is your turning radius on your 'bent? way back in 95 a fellow helped me build a SWB recumbent, and boy was it heavy (old bike parts.) Fun to ride, but murder climbing hills. Level ground and downhill on the other hand, was joy.

I look at yours with the front-wheel drive and I'm very keen to see it in person when I join the tour in GR.

But still, with the drive system on the front, I can't imagine you making any sort of tight corners? my old bent had a bit of heel strike, but you are so low on yours I'd be afraid of knee strike!

Art Mulder, London