Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mid Point

July 30, 2008
We were up early enough to leave camp by about 6:20 am. The scenery doesn’t change much, but we soon leave Colorado and head into Nebraska. A while later we cross the time line, and are now on central daylight time. Towards the end of the day the scenery does change some as we are now in the sand hills area of Nebraska and we had a few hills to climb. It was a very hot day, although the temps were only in the mid 90’s. Today marks the midpoint (time wise) of the tour; it’s hard to believe we are at the halfway point. Sometimes it seems we just started and sometimes it seems we’ve been at it forever. I think tomorrow we pass the mileage halfway point. I should have mentioned this before, but thanks to all you people who have sent cards and letters and care packages. It means a lot to get them at the mail drop. We are staying tonight at the high school in McCook, Nebraska. The grass is lush and level, but again no shade.

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Jo said...

Hey Rick -
Glad to hear all is going well.
And, I am pretty glad I am missing out on the heat. You faster folk get through it quicker so you have that recovery time so I know that has to help.
It's very GREEN back here in Columbia County NY and I very much appreciate it. Even wrote elsewhere that I have appreciated the humidity - since I am finally not feeling like an overdone - spit roasted chicken anymore.
I have also been able to tell people a bit about how you built your bike and how cool it is.

Anyway - glad you got to see your family - have your pizza and take a break before the rest of the ride. Really hope I will be seeing you and everyone else in GR.
God's shalom - Jo