Saturday, June 7, 2008

June training

Today as I cranked out more training miles, the weather and its aftermath was on my mind. First it was Hot, humid and very windy. The real nasty side of the weather though was very apparent as I passed through Attica IA a small town about 20 miles from home.. They are cleaning up after a small tornado(F1) ripped through town a week ago. towards the end of my ride I stopped to take a picture on my local bike path, which in this section is under several feet of water. North of Pella the skunk river is way out of its banks and all over the farm fields and even high enough to be in a few homes. As I was riding I was thankful that there was not any human life lost in our area, but feeling badly for all those with damaged property. I was also thinking about the work that the organizations like CRWRC (one of benefactors of the Sea to Sea ride) do through out the world and here locally for people in similar times of distress. I was also thinking of how foolish it is to pour all our lives into possesions, they can be gone in a flash. Our hope should lie on the one who made the world in the first place. In God and his son Jesus is our only real hope.

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