Saturday, March 8, 2008

Winter training continues

It has been a long winter, but it looks like spring might be just around the corner. I've been a member of the Pella Bike Racing Team for a few years. This winter the race team has met every Thursday night out in my shop to train together and help get each other motivated through this long winter. The picture is last Thursdays practice. Only about half the team was present; a few of the others actually rode beforehand, OUTSIDE. Perhaps with daylight savings time coming in a couple days the rest of us will be able to join them. Pictured from left to right are: Rick Gritters, Steve Reynolds, Lee Current, and Jacob Oyen.
I had previously been told that it was nearly impossible to ride a recumbent bike on rollers, so most of the time I have been on a trainer while the other guys were on their rollers. About a month ago I decided to build a cheap set of rollers and try it. Well it turns out that once I figured out the right settup of the rollers, it works quite well.
In other news. I have reached the half way goal in my fundraising efforts for The Sea to Sea ride.It is a great mile stone, but still a long way to go. I gave a short presentation at 1st CRC here in Pella last Sunday and will be doing it again at Calvary CRC this coming Sunday. Lynn Verros and I also did an interview about Sea to Sea with Deb Jansen from the Pella Bike Club this last week.
On the site there is a new promotional video that gives a good snapshot of what Sea to Sea is all about, check it out.

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Josh said...

Wow, those rollers on the right look intense, I can certainly tell the difference in radius between my minoura and the huge Tacx ones, that must be another pretty serious step up in skills.

I'm excited to meet you this summer, the recumbant seems like a pretty different bike I can't imagine that we'll be able to draft off of ou very well =)

Good luck with the physical preparation as well as with the fund raising effort.